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Friday, September 26, 2008

September 25th Tourney

Hey everyone! I want to congratulate everyone who made to the final table and the top 3! Way to go!

I really enjoyed playing! See you all next time. Good luck!

pinklady (pinky)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Avoiding Going on Tilt

Hello again everyone. I would like to address the issue of a player going on tilt. This has happened at one time or another to all of us during play. Primary reasons for going on tilt could be a bad beat or possibly even some players claim they become bored from not playing many hands. Many players will start out with a good quality hand or make a great hand only to be outdrawn.

This usually happens more when a big pot is involved than if it were a small pot. When a player loses a big portion of their stack due to a bad beat common instinct is to try to get those chips back at any cost right away. This instinct leads us into making bad decisions that only make the situation worse than it was to start with. There are a few things that can be done to not go on tilt and make the situation worse than it already is.

The first thing is if you have a big enough stack still is to walk away and cool off for a few minutes. The few chips you may lose in the blinds or antes may be worth the time away from the table to refocus. The next thing is to remember that the hand is in the past and you can't change what has already occurred. Too many players dwell on that hand they lost and it only leads to more misfortune. The final piece of advise I have is after a bad beat no matter your chip stack tighten up your game and only play the good quality starting hands to level things back out for yourself. Remember that just because you take a bad beat and if it does make you short in chips that does not mean you are out of the tourney. Carefully playing good starting hands and thinking each play through will help. I have seen too many players after a bad beat just give up by pushing it all in the pot the next hand.

Don't fall into the tilt trap remember that good play will be rewarded most of the time. Until next time I hope to see you at the tables and good luck.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18 weekly tourney results

The first weekly allinjac league tourney took place on September 18. There were 15 members who showed up to play in the tourney. It was a very good tourney and nice to meet others in the league. Congratulations to the top three finishers who will receive points towards player of the year.

3rd place BJ Wells

2nd place Horizonn

1st place Skeldarkday

Congratulations again to our top three finishers and hope to see more people there next week.

1st Tourney


I want to say Good Luck to everyone to our first tourney. It may be small group but Its going to be fun. Smile.

Good Luck and Watch out for Pinky! Haha!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quality Starting Hands

In this post I would like to make a mention to quality starting hands in poker. While different people play different styles of poker there are still the mathematic best starting hands. I recommend only a very few hands to consider coming into the pot with unless you are in late position or the blinds. That is not to say other hands won't play and win because any two cards can win but I am showing what the hands that are considered solid starting hands are. In the next article I will try to shed some light on how to play each of these hands. Previously I wrote about pocket aces so that hand is already covered. Keep in mind that there are 169 possible starting hands in holdem.

The list of what I consider quality hands follows.

AK suited
AQ suited

If you have these hands preflop and play solid cards like these you will more often than not finish high in the tourney you are in. Also keep in mind that just because these are quality hands preflop doesn't mean they will be after the flop. As always you have to take into account what the board flops, what type of opponents you are up against and your position at the table. Until next time may you always start out with a good premium hand.

Congratulations PinkLady

Good Job PinkLady who took down the $500 daily yesterday! She took home $100 for first place. You go girl!

Monday, September 15, 2008


hi everyone, i am azpoohbear, kathy.
i think what allinjac is doing is wonderful and is a great oppunity for us to improve r games and make it to the great wsop or wpt.
i am usually on fleetstreetand occassionaly on poker school, and once in awhile club spade, usually for the 3 pm game.
well i am glad to met u all and let play some great poker, and win lots of money

Hello Its Pinklady

Hi, I am going to introduce myself. First of all I like to say Thank you Jac for the invitation to your site. I am deaf and single mom with one child. I love to play poker and been playing for 3 years now. I play at all four sites= ClubUBT, SPADES, PSO, and Fleet. I am going to give you my screen names for each one of them. So that way when you do see me at tables you can say Hello. (winks). Clububt= Pinklady Spades= Pinky PSO= Pinky13 Fleet= Pinky13

I have my dreams to win WSOP and WPT seats one day. Hope to see you all at tables and I wish you all the best of luck.

Good Luck!

Playing pocket Aces

I would like to kind of share the way I see at playing different starting hands maybe this will go over well with the group and maybe not. Please post any comments you have about this and if you would prefer me to keep trying to do this on as a series of how to play different hands or not. I would greatly appreciate knowing the views of everyone about this blog and if you want blogs like this to continue and also if you would what ways you would play the hand different.

Here we go the cards are dealt out and you look at your cards and there they are pocket aces the best starting hand out there. Keep in mind that on the average you will only receive this hand once every 221 times the cards are dealt. You are feeling great at this point and you are saying what is my best way to play these two cards. Well first we have to consider two things we have to consider what postion you are in at the table and has anyone raised or limped in front of you and how many people are left to act after you.

The one given is you are not going to throw those monster cards away preflop. First if you have people who have raised in front of you you want to reraise about the amount of the pot with the raises in. Now if you have more than one limper in front of you I think it is most profitable to put a raise in of 4 to 5 times the big blind. This will eliminate the field to one or two other players that are either holding a lower pair or possibly suited connectors. Keep in mind that you want to try to have no more than two opponents after the flop with this hand even though it is the best starting hand. Against one person preflop aces are an 81.8% favorite to win but that percentage decreases for the more players that follow you to the flop.

When the flop hits you have to watch it closely. If a pair should hit the board on the flop you want to put in a raise about half of the pot to test the waters to see if anyone who may have hit three of a kind comes over top of you. If they come over top of you it is best to fold the hand. I know alot of you may think I am crazy for saying that but chances are the opponent has hit a set. If there is only one opponent it would be correct to call his raise and see a turn card but that is a choice you have to base on the type of player you are playing against. A loose player may have hit two pair which are lower than yours or may be on a draw for a flush or straight if the cards are out there on the board for that. Usually you will be able to take the pot down with a raise on the flop with a pair on the board though.

If a rainbow flop hits with no pair on it then it would be safe to check so that you can possibly check raise your opponent. In most cases your opponent will fold or check. If you and the opponents check to the turn you do not want to give a free card on the river unless the board shows no possiblity of a straight or flush.

I see so many people push all in with aces preflop. While you are going to win the hand almost every time you are costing yourself money that could be won throughout the hand. Just remember that it is not just what you lose that costs you the tourney but the extra money you could have won with a hand like this if you push all in before preflop.

I hope this has given some insight into playing aces and that it is okay to write about different hands to play like this. I welcome comments on other ways that other people think aces should be played

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Congrats JustGigi

Congratulations to JustGigi who took 6th place in the PSO / FSG $10,000 event and won $400! JustGigi is a new member only playing a couple of months on the site. She is from Phoenix, Arizona and loves playing poker both live and online. You can find her at several of the local bar leagues in Phoenix.

Again, good job JustGigi

A brief introduction

Hello all members of the community. I am Phillip Grueser and I go by the name pgrueser06 if you see me playing online. You can find me playing at PSO mostly or Fleet Street Games. I also play every once in a while at PokerStars. I have been playing live and online poker since 2004.

I live in Ohio but spend a lot of time during the winter in Las Vegas. I feel that I am a fairly decent player but I try to learn something new everyday. Poker is the love of my life and I play because I love the game. Winning any money or prizes is only a bonus to me. I consider myself to be a tight aggressive player and look forward to playing new opponents at any time.

I have been a Gold PSO member for almost a month and have gained more knowledge since being a member there and have met alot of good players there. If you see me at the tables or on Ventrilo chat just give me a message and I will talk or write back. Anything I can do to help your game I will be glad to assist you in.

My best piece of advice and it may sound kind of plain is that it is better to win a small pot than lose a big pot.


I am going to be giving you instructions on how to load Ventrilo which is a Voice Chat software we use at Poker School Online. It is a great place for us to all get together and talk about hands or just complain about the bad beats lol.

If you have any questions drop an email to jay@allinjac.com with your contact information and we will get a hold of you to help set it up! Look forward to seeing you on the tables and talking to you on Ventrilo.

Here are step by step instructions for you to get Ventrilo up and running. You only have to go through this set up once, and while I'm not quite an expert on the product yet, I've tried to make this as simple as possible:

1. Go to http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php

2. Download the Client Program (there is both a PC and MAC version)

3. Once you've successfully installed, run the program.

4. At the top where it says "User Name" there is an arrow on the right end of that row, pointing right… click on that and select "new"

5. Input your user name… the preferred format is: Your first name (your PSO screen name). Example: Kathy (AzPoohBear) At the very least we need your PSO screen name in there so we know who we’re talking to. Click OK twice so you’re back to the initial Ventrilo window in the application.

6. Where it says "Server" right below User Name, click the right-pointing arrow, click "new", and enter: PSO. Click OK once.

7. For Hostname or IP, enter: iodine.typefrag.com

8. For Port number, enter: 36415

9. For Password, leave blank.

10. Click OK.

Now when you click "connect" you'll be logged into the PSO server on Ventrilo. This information will be stored, so in the future when you run Ventrilo all you’ll have to do is click “connect” and you’ll be in.

You’ll notice several different rooms listed on the server. These are like channels on the radio, when you enter a room you can talk and hear others only in that room. Double click on a room to enter it. (Note: Some rooms may require a password to enter, your instructor or host will provide the password if necessary).

To set up your voice capability:

1. Click “Setup”

2. Make sure "Enable outgoing voice communications" is checked under the voice tab.

3. Check “Use Direct Sound” for Output device and Input device. You should be able to leave it at “Default DirectSound device”.

4. If you do not have headphones and will be listening via speakers, you should check “Use Push To Talk Hotkey”. This is a key that you have to press to speak. If you don’t use this, everyone will hear an echo through your speakers as they are liable to activate your microphone. You check that box, click with in the “Hotkey” box, and press the key you want. (Hint: If you use letters or the space bar, every time you’re typing something and hit that key, you will activate your microphone… I would recommend using a key that is not part of normal typing, like F1 for example).

5. If you have head phones and a quite environment (no loud background noise), or if you can mute/unmute your microphone easily, you can leave the push to talk hotkey unchecked… now your mic will be voice activated. If using this feature, it’s recommended that you set your silence time to 1.0 seconds, and the sensitivity to 10. You can test and play around with the sensitivity settings a bit to find what works best with your microphone. If you set it high at like 60, speaking softly may not activate the mic. Any lower than 10, and it will start to pick up your breathing. (Another note: If you have some modest background noise going on, you may tweak the sensitivity to 30 or 40… you’ll have to speak up a bit to ensure activating the mic, but your background noise shouldn’t activate it then.

One troubleshooting note: If you can’t get your mic to work after setting it up, check your sound settings on your computer and make sure the mic isn’t muted there. Sounds simple, I know, but it happens (I’ve done it before, I know ).

Skill League will start this Thursday!

Hello everyone, great news! Starting this Thursday we are officially starting our Skill League that will be hosted on our partner site Poker School Online. This league will be a great place to start accumulating points for the player of the year tournament that will be held prior to next years WSOP season.

We have been working hard to bring better tournaments and more prizes to our faithful "League". Now we have it, and soon we are going to be adding new tournaments that will count towards POY (Player of the Year) tourney on both Spade Club and Club UBT.

Keep checking back for updates or you can subscribe to these posts on the left menu bar.

Talk to you all soon,


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Congrats bjwells (Brandon)

Congratulations to Brandon (bjwells) for his second place finish on his first day as a member! He took second place in the daily $25 tournament, not bad for his first day. It is official, everyone that signs up through this site or the email I send you, you will be entered into our weekly skill league for prizes, free months, and cash! I will be posting latter in the week with more details.

Talk to you all soon,


Sunday, August 31, 2008

10-31-08 Poker Poker Poker

What a year it has been, and there is still months left till the end of the year. All of you that I have referred to Poker School Online / Fleet Street we are going to have a great year! Soon there will be freerolls for everyone that has signed up to the site through the link here or on the email you have been sent.

Nothing wrong with some free cash. These freerolls will be monthly for now and hopefully increasing them to be weekly to get all of us together and play till we drop.

If you have any ideas on the freerolls please send me an email and let me know, jay@allinjac.com Wether you would prefer some cool gifts or just cash. Things I am thinking of are free months to PSO/Fleet Street, Ipods, etc.. Give me some ideas.

After you sign up make sure to send me an email so i can keep you up to date with the freeroll passwords and other promotions we will be doing.

Looking forward to winning year!

Talk to you soon,


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Secure your Computer Hide Your IP

Hide My IP address / Secure your Computer!

Click the above link to start protecting your computer!

Are you conserned about hackers being able to find your IP address and get into your personal information? Click this link to stop that from happening http://www.hide-my-ip.com/?id=2807

As an added bonus you will be able to play on dozens of poker rooms with an ip address that is from the US or overseas.

Steps in setting this up

1. Click this link http://www.hide-my-ip.com/?id=2807

2. Sign up for Hide My Ip that costs $29.95 per year

3. Sign up for Premium Service $7.95 per month

4. Open software and it only takes two clicks to change your IP address for good!

Other products that they offer:

Hide my Mac Address -

This is the home address of your computer - by changing this you are stopping people from tracking you and your computer. When you send emails info on your IP and mac address are used for each mail. This will get that changed so you are not putting your personal information in these sensitive mesages.

Cookie Crumble -

This will automate the process of deleting cookies when you visit sites so they will not be able to track your online movements and what sites you are visiting. Cookie Crumble will automate with Hide my IP to automatically remove cookies when your IP address changes.

If you have any questions let me know, you know where to find me.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Poker Source Online

This is a quick post about Poker Source Online and some of their great benefits.
If you are going to play online anyways and you have not already signed up with a particular poker site. The process is very easy and although it takes some time to set up everything up for the free gifts, you are able to play right away on the sites. Some sites are easier to achieve the goals then others but I will go into that latter.

Without a doubt one of the funiest sites I have been on is Carbon Poker part of the Merge network. You can play levels as low as .10 - .25 NL and earn 6 points per dealt hand. All you have to do is be the first one on the table and stay there till you get four players.

From four players and above you will start earning double points from the normal three points to six points per hand were a rake was taken.

I have so far completed two requirements and working on the third and fourth. Got my first free gift, Stox Poker within about six to seven days after completing the necessary requirements. So not too bad. Just completed requirements and bodog and picked up two poker tables that should be here in a week or two. Will let you know latter.

If you have any thoughts or questions let me know.

Take care for now.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Update for today. Wow what a day it has been! I am mentally feeling better after the surgery but unfortunately my legs are not keeping up with what I would like to accomplish.

As you can see from the top of the blog I have opened an Ebay store to help sell what is around and who knows if it successful make a small business from it. Hard to do much with the condition I am in but I tend to look on the up side as I could be six feet under.

Product for the day:

Picasa 2 and picasa web

I absolutely love Picasa 2 and the ease of use. I was able to instal the powerful yet small aplication very quickly. The only downside I have seen is that they do not offer FTP access. I had to set up a Photobucket account to save money on uploading pictures to ebay through the new selling software I just set up, Blackthorne Pro. Yes, the last couple of days it has been set up software and learn where they decided to put everything. I will go over Blackthorne and Photobucket at some other time.

It is even a quick fix to upload photos right here to blogger. Click a link and your picture is ready to go, simple and sweet. Even showed my mom how to set it up and run it, and she hates new programs. Within a couple of minutes she was set up and ready to go.

I think the learning of the new software and helping others set up software has kept me busy from thinking about what is going on it life, that is a good thing! So it is time to go back to the drawing board and setting up another software we got. Talk more latter.

Peace, Love, Happiness

Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update 4-30-2008

Today is exactly two weeks from the date of my surgery that I had on 4-16-2008 and is 11 days at home from the hospital. As I said the other day I am feeling definitely better about this whole thing the I was the first week or so. The pain is finally under control and I feel as if I am getting better. Which is obviously critical to recovery (being positive about what is going on).

I get to wear this beautiful brace for the next three or four months but as long as the cadaver has taken that is absolutely fine with me!

I don't think I have wrote about it but after the surgery while I was taken all the pain medications I was drinking pepsi to help try and stay awake. That was the worst thing I could of done. As soon as someone told me that caffeine is no good for inflammation I stopped drinking it. My leg, when it was inflamed hurt so much more then when the inflammation went down. After I eliminated the soda my inflammation started to go down. Was it pure coincidence or does it really mess with inflammation? I am not sure but I will chalk it up to experience and the next surgery I have I will make sure that is not in my daily diet!

My hands are starting to get numb (for any of you that don't know why I will write more about it latter) so I will have to stop for now.

Talk to you later.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thoughts 4-28-2008

Finally, well it has only been a week and a half but I finally see the light. I have been in so much pain from the surgery that I really did not see why it was worth it.

The clinical term of what I had done:

Right leg high tibial osteotomy with osteochondral plug allograft to medial femoral condyle.

The clinical reason I had it done:

RIght knee osteochondritis dissecans lesion with failed micro-fracture and varus malalignment right leg.

I was very fortunate that I was able to get the procedure done at the mayo clinic hospital as they do not normally accept my insurance with most patients. I feel very lucky to be able to have these procedures done.

I figure there to be two or three more surgeries that I will have to have at which point I sure in the hell (excuse my english) hope that it is what is needed to get me mobile again. With the healing time between surgeries maybe another two or three years left.

So, it has been a couple of weeks now and I was told it would be around three months before I could put any weight on the right leg. I sure hope time flies :)

Well back to the CPM machine (that makes you knee bend without weight bearing) for another two hours. Wish me luck. Take care and update latter.

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